Saturday, August 1, 2009

Still Hanging In There

My dad's brother, sister-in-law and sister drove up from Washington yesterday to see my dad. What a blessing they have been! We saw him get a bit of a second wind last night as he came to life in the presence of his family. My Uncle Lope today helped Mike and Frankie get their start on fufilling some of dad's final words in the garage (ie. tried to increase their mechanical inclination!) Auntie Bebot and Auntie Fely have been busy cooking. I asked dad if he was feeling the same as yesterday but he said no. He has noticed another change in overall weakness and breathing.

We've had the blessing of a long goodbye. We have all said what we think we need to say yet I cannot escape the feeling that there is always just one more thing to tell him. I had a moment of sadness wash over me last night as I sat beside him and he slept. I thought to myself, I'm really going to miss him! When he opened his eyes, I leaned in, tried to choke back the tears and told him, "Dad, I'm really going to miss you." I know that God is faithful. He has promised to provide for our every need. God has worked through dad to impact many lives, mine included and that legacy of faith will carry on through generations. I will be forever thanking God for what He did in and through my dad's life. There is nothing more I could have asked for in a father. And for that reason, I'm just really going to miss him.


Silver Paladin said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with all of us.

Jessie has touched the life of my family in a way that I can't even begin to measure, praise God for His power and Love!

As I journey through this world, I can only hope that God will lead me as He has Jessie.


Haileybell said...

I Love reading your updates, and hearing the latest! I just read your friday and saturday post to my parents, of course we cried! I am praying for you, and loving you from Cochrane!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I am tearing up as I read through your words of your beautiful father. I hope that you know how much you and your family mean to me. I love you so much and I am praying for you all. I have to tell you the night I talked with your mom over speakerphone, I told my mom the news and we talked about peace. I asked her if she wanted peace in her heart..and she said yes..but how? and I answered, with God. We haven't talked since then..but please praise the Lord for that time with her made my heart smile!..and I am sure my mom will be contacting yours upon our return! Oh, and the other night I heard my dad talking with my cousin..and he told her about your dad and your family and how much he respects him and liked him (although he is a Christian man).. :) Just thought I would share this with you. Much love. xoxoxox -sara

Anonymous said...

Transformation. Two Greek words combined to create this word - metamorphosis - and it describes the transformation process of a larva becoming a caterpillar and ending into a beautiful butterfly.
I knew Jessie before he surrendered his life to Christ in Richmond, BC in the mid-1980s. Kathy prayed consistently, expectantly, patiently for his conversion for four years before he finally did. And what a joy it was to see the transformation the Spirit of God brought to him. From one who ignored Jesus into a man who fell in love with Him. Jessie just could not stop talking about Jesus.
Before his conversion, he and Kathy once attended the Bible study I led in Richmond, and, he slept through it. After his conversion, he immediately shared his faith, getting to work early Friday morning for Bible study at Downtown Toyota with whoever wanted to come and listen.
No, it was not merely that Christ was in his life; no, it was not that Christ was part of his life; but yes, Christ was his Life!
Knowing Jessie, he would now probably want us to talk more about his Christ than about him. The Christ that Jessie loved and served is One whose arms are open to embrace the repentant sinner, with the words, "Welcome home, dear one. I've been waiting for you. What took you so long?" These same loving arms will welcome Jessie with the commendation: "Well done, good and faithful servant."
Having experienced it firsthand, Jessie always sought to connect people with the transforming power of Jesus Christ. This is Jessie's chalenge to me; what about you?
Richard Navarro
Langley, BC

Anonymous said...

Steph, thank you for all your writing! I am so glad you guys can have a 'long' goodbye. Yet I still can't imagine being in your shoes. You all are and have been a great blessing, and Pastor Jesse's life is very indelible!!! Praying that God's arms of love will comfort you all and give you strength (amazingly they will, when we have none!)

love and tears,

Adrian & Esther, Tobias, Naava.