Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hang or Cling

A common word of encouragement I have often heard, not just now but for any tough time is: "hang in there." When I think of that phrase, I picture one of those scenes from a movie where the character is hanging over a giant canyon or a black hole barely holding on to either a thin branch or rope or piece of wood that is about to give out. It's terrifying because you never know when or if you will fall and it's tiring because gravity is constantly pulling you down. Hanging in there doesn't really appeal to me.

Fortunately, we sang a song on Sunday that reminded me of plan 'B': "To the Rock I cling..." That gives me quite a different picture. I see a human barnacle (if you will) just stuck to a giant boulder- clinging, grasping with everything. If I cling to the solid Rock, I will naturally go where He goes. We were challenged on Sunday with this: "Don't waste the suffering." I know that God is continuing to do great things amidst this storm in whoever is willing to cling to Him. I want to cling. I think it's necessary in order to wisely spend the suffering.

Please continue to pray for our family, especially Emily and my mom. Today Em had her first day of grade 9. She had a tough moment when she was handed a parent contact info sheet with both parents names still on it. Today was also my mom's first day by herself at home. Though the house has been quiet over the last few months, it hasn't ever been empty. Dad had been the constant there. There were also plentyof caregivers and other health practitioners coming and going. I cannot imagine how big and empty that house must feel now.

Pray for faith-filled, clinging, healthy grief at this time and God's presence to continue to be felt in their home.

(Mom and Em taking all the flowers to Dad's grave at
Eden Brook Memorial Garden on Wednesday)


Barb said...

Oh Steph...You are such a blessing to me! Love Barb M

Evans4316 said...

Well said Stephanie!

You are all in my prayers.

Love, Karen

Kathy Anderson Seidler said...

I will continue to pray for you all and especially Emily & your mom. You continue to bless my life, Steph!