Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feeling Better?

Dad ceased to be sick the other night and was able to sleep somewhat. Last night, he had a fresh raspberry milkshake (flavor courtesy of Connie and Gerry's garden) and slept straight through the night. Everyone keeps asking, "How's your dad doing?" Now I just say, "I'm not really sure." He still seems to get weaker every day, he just has a deeper well than we thought!

Today I had to pay a shop mechanic to fix my car. You know, one of those jobs that dad would've done for a small fraction of the actual invoice. I'm sure some of you have had a moment like that sometime in the last year and a half considering the number of vehicles that have come through his garage over the last decade! He was a master mechanic and can still diagnose faulty car noises from his kitchen chair.

His vehicle motto used to be, "Why buy a new car when you can fix an old one?" I'd always say, Because then you wouldn't have to fix it!" He would smile and say, "There's no such thing as a maintenance free vehicle." Sadly, true. But he did LOVE to work on cars. Last week I said to him, "Hey, do you think they'll be maintenance-free vehicles in heaven?" He cracked a smile for that one!


Karen Hartung said...

So glad to hear the stomach sickness is over - that is the worst!

Thanks for the updates - I am constantly checking for them. Know we continue to pray!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the updates. Your whole family has truly taught me what having faith in God is all about. I hope and pray that your father does not suffer. One thing that I was taught during my fight with cancer, that God does NOT give us more than we can handle. May God give you all strength and courage to face the days ahead. God Bless you all, Maria

Anonymous said...

After talking with Kathy a couple of weeks ago, I have been hesitant to call, expecting that the phone was already ringing off the hook. A friend fowarded this blog location and it has been enjoyable to learn of your journey and remember our family's. It is apparent that you have great love as a family and tremendous faith in Christ. The love and support of the Saviour, family and friends is what has been carrying us. I continue to pray for your family as many have done for mine. Remember that many of us are there to lend support as you need it. Take care.

Rick Allen