Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Latest

Yesterday, I decided to head home to collect a few things in preparation for a more extended stay in Calgary. I got a call this afternoon from my mom saying that the nurse noticed a big change in dad. Today she found that his pulse is slower, his breathing is more shallow and his color is different. She said that we are getting closer to the end. Please keep praying that he will experience peace during this time, both spiritually and physically and that he will have a peaceful transition to eternity. Thank you for all the encouraging comments. We have been passing them onto him!

Tomorrow morning, we are going to record the song that Christina and Angela wrote for my dad so that in the likely event that we cannot sing it live at the funeral, it can be played! It is such a special song. My sisters are very talented! It's called, "I Want To Be Just Like You." They've been singing it for him everyday with hope of encouraging him. Here's a little sneak preview at the chorus:

I want to be wise, but not too proud to show my weakness
I want to be strong, but not ashamed to ever cry
I want to have faith, that never wavers in the storm
I want to be light in this dark world
And love with all I am
Dad, I want to be just like you.

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Anonymous said...

Steph, we are here. we hear you and we pray for PEACE that passes all understaning, for everyone. We could never be ready for a loved one to leave us physically; however, GOD can make it real because it's an appointed time. We all have our own appointed time.. Can we say, Yes, I am your Dad is.
Take care.