Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes.... one more.

Count it! One more for Jesus. The cleaning lady accepted the Lord a few weeks ago. She overheard a story my mom telling to Bruce about the latest gospel share by dad to the palliative nurse. She said to my mom from across the room, "Great story!" Mom said to her, "Have you been listening?" She replied through misty eyes, "I've been listening since the first day I came."

God's faithfulness never ceases to amaze me. My dad can no longer speak but not even being mute can stop him from sharing the faith that has made such a profound difference in his life.

This last Sunday, Pastor Cesar was sharing about Action 52. It's a movement to encourage Christians to share the gospel once a week for a year (at least!). He mentioned that he had been training the staff at Outreach Canada recently, the chaplaincy company my dad used to work for. They asked, "Is Jesse participating in this? " Cesar replied, no. There was a split second of confusion in my brain until he continued.... "Jesse has his own plan. It's called Action 365!" Amen! Who says you need audible words to speak the truth?

There have been lots of physical changes. He has been experiencing a lot more fatigue and having increased difficulty eating and swallowing. His instability has also increased when walking with assistance. He tires very easily but every once in a while you can still catch the twinkle in his eye and that mischevious smile!

My heart is sad because we can no longer have the same conversations we used to. But, if there is one conversation he will refuse to give up, I am glad it's the one about the most important message ever.

Keep praying that God would give him strength, patience and hope as the disease continues to take over his body!