Sunday, April 19, 2009

If you would like to join in...

Jesse's Girls are participating in Betty's Run for ALS on June 14th. If you'd like to join the team, we'd love to have you!

If you would like to run the 5mile (8km), you must register with the Running Room:

If you would like to walk the 5k, registration is not necessary, but if you'd like a Betty's Run t-shirt and race package, you must register also with the Running Room:

If you are running or walking, you can join our team Jesse's Girls online:

Hope to see you there!

Jesse's Girl

Friday, April 17, 2009

Because He Lives

When we got the news last Wednesday, I was thinking to myself, how in the world am I going to make it through tomorrow? I am currently nearing the end of a student teaching practicum which means I am overtired and stretched thin. Only by God's grace am I still functional! I was very weepy Wednesday night and was not prepared to teach on Thursday. I spent some time in prayer with a good friend that evening, and somehow woke up refreshed and ready to face Thurday. It is so true, He always gives you what you need for today. It's a one-day-at-a-time kind of thing.

We serve a God that is very much alive! I was reminded this Easter weekend of why we have hope. It's easy to be filled with doubt when you focus on all that this life can be consumed by- disease, injustice, suffering and the giant problem of evil. However, this is not our home. Em and I found a great song by Jeremy Camp that has been an encouragement to us, "There Will be a Day." I just love the lyrics:

But I hold onto this hope, and the promise that He brings
That there will be a day with no more suffering
There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears
There will be a day when the burdens of this place, will be no more, we'll see Jesus face to face But until that day, we'll hold on to you always

There have been many sweet moments in the midst of this trying time. Angela and Jordan were visiting for a couple weeks with Ethan and Maia who bring so much joy! Ethan deemed dad's neck brace his "bandaid." He's aware that Papa has some pretty big owies. He continues to pray, "Papa stay strong!"

During their visit, if dad was very calling for mom, Ethan would race to find her and say, "Grandma, Papa needs help NOW!" He was so sweet- don't you dare leave Papa waiting! Maia would find the letterboard and move her little hands around it saying, "Pa-pa, Pa-pa, Pa-pa..." Since they have been home, Angela reported that she has located every picture of him in the house and points to it, saying his name over and over again.

Right now we are praying for a few strong months. Emily turns 14 on June 12th which means... driver's permit! Mom is so badly hoping that she'll be able to go out for a spin with dad in the passenger seat! We have the ALS run on June 14th and of course, Father's Day. We would just love if God would grant us a strong June!

Your prayers are upholding us during this time! Thank you!
L to R: Em's cheering section at her basketball playoffs, March/09, Mom and Dad at home in October/08, Papa, Papa's Bandaid and Ethan in December/08

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not So Good News

We had been anticipating dad's appointment at the ALS Clinic today for the last few weeks. It has been evident that as time passes, the disease progresses at an even more alarming rate than before. Angela and her family were visiting for the last two weeks and she noticed just over the course of her visit, many rapid changes.

Today at the clinic, they assessed his breathing and it is at 51% (down from 59% in January) . Gravely, the average lifespan from this point on is 3-6 months. The doctor's say that sometime can outlive this timeline, but it's hard to say for sure. The disease can change very quickly as we've learned in the recent past.

There are hardly words right now. Though I had anticpated something like this, there is still no way to prepare yourself for the news. There are many things to lift up in prayer right now- end of life decisions, how to spend our time and our family. I have a special burden for Emily as she tries to make sense of this situation. Pray for her- that God would protect her during this time like He can and continue to draw her close to Himself. Pray for my mom, Kathy. She needs a supernatural strength right now. She's is tired and weary but I'm sure, still finding rest in the Lord.

We don't know... but He does.

We are looking forward to Betty's Run on June 14th. Please visit the website as we prepare to raise money and run our hearts out!