Monday, August 3, 2009

Still Waiting...

Thanks for all of your comments. I've been reading some of them to my dad when he is awake enough. Surprisingly, everyone who stops by mentions the blog to my dad and the other day he finally asked (by spelling on the letter board), "What are you writing on this blog?" I smiled and told him, I'm just keeping people up to date about you, what God is doing and whatever else comes to mind at the time.

Last night he said he was feeling weaker than ever before and it is becoming more apparent. He can hardly hold up his head and cannot carry much of his own weight when transferring between chairs. He's still been sleeping most of the days but unfortunately has been restless during the nights. He's woken up with difficulty breathing. Last week, the nurse suggested sedation when he approaches the very end. It does not speed anything up but will make him more comfortable.

Yesterday the old movie, "Heaven Can Wait" was on TV in the afternoon. Ang said to dad, "Is that what you're thinking Dad? That heaven can still wait?" He shook his head no and then I said, "You're probably thinking, heaven can come anytime now." He nodded. Keep praying for that peaceful transition into eternal life and I bet if you asked my dad, he would say sooner rather than later.


Karen Hartung said...

Thank you for your updates, Stephanie! What an experience you and your family have been going through. I have had some tears along with you as I've read it. And no matter when God takes your Dad home, and no matter how prepared you think you are, it's weird, cuz you just can't predict how you will react when that moment comes. I thought I was ready for my dad to go, and yet, I reacted so different than I had expected when it actually happened. Be sure to let yourself be free in whatever you feel when you finally have to say the final good-bye. In these next hours and/or days, remember God is never late - but always on time. So, I continue to pray for God's perfect timing for your Dad to meet His Heavenly Father... and for each of you in your family to be 100% ready for life on earth without him. And when it comes, to remind yourselves often that it truly is for just a short while! Cuz the day is coming, and I think it is soon, that we will all meet Jesus, and your Dad, once again - in heaven! I am so thankful for that hope we can have!

My heart hurts for you guys ... I am praying you will each experience 'the peace of God that passes all understanding' as you finish this part of your journey, and then as you step into the next part.

Anonymous said...

You will never know how valuable a tool this blogspot has been. With us being so far away it has truly been a blessing and you have done an incredible job updating it. I've have given it to many friends from Tennessee to be able to know how to pray for your family. Brian and I have wanted nothing more than to get on an airplane and come to Calgary. We miss you guys and wish that we could be there for yall. We will continue to pray. Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

God Bless Jessie. Tell him I'll never forget the good time we had sailing with him across Lake Travis when he was in Texas a few years ago.

Jessie has been a great inspiration to me and Remie and to his nephew and nieces here, Lawrence, Abby, Beth, and Maria Clara.

I also will always treasure the memories of helping Jessie and Kathy move from Vancouver to Cochrane. We are so eager to get up there to see him before he goes to his wonderful reward. I know he is eager to cast his crown at the feet of his Lord and Savior. But, I hope he can hang on a bit longer.

Love, Bill and Remie Martin

In Revelation 4:10 the twenty-four elders not only bowed in worship, but also cast their crowns before the throne of God. Jessie has a earned his crown.

Stephen Thomas said...

Again I am overwhelmed with feelings after reading the latest news.
I am amazed by the strength you Morales girls have and continue to show. I am coming to understand the strength you draw from your faith.
Please pass on my loev to Jesse and to Kathy. My prayers are with you and for a peaceful passing to eternity for my good friend and brother in Christ.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the joys and cries of your heart, Steph! I feel the same way and yet I am rejoicing because of God's faithfulness in this journey, not only for your Dad & family but including friends and church family. It's actually a spiritual journey for everybody and your Dad as the "silent spiritual leader". If GOD is for us, who can be against us?

Chris said...

I am continuing to pray daily for you all. Hugs to my friend Kathy.

Chris Adams

Anonymous said...

Hello Morales family,
Thank you for the updates. I weep with you and for you as you go through this very trying time. You are all in our prayers. I would like to share a picture that came to mind when we were praying at the office. It was Jesus and all I saw was the scarred hand reaching for the door knob and on the other side of the door was Jesse on his knees looking up and waiting for Jesus to receive him.
May Jesus give you great strength over these days and hold you in His arms,
Love from Dianne at Outreach Canada

Virginia Olive said...

We are continuing to pray for all of your family.....for peace and comfort during this journey. Please tell your dad that I weep as I read about how his life has touched so many others for the Kingdom. And please tell your Mom that I love her and look forward to chatting someday soon.

Love, Byng and Virginia Olive

jamesneedham said...

I have not seen Pastor Jessie in some time. My fondness memory will be the day he was our Pastor at our wedding. I will always cherish Pastor Jessie's councelling up to the wedding day. I did not know your family very much at all Pastor, but they were all there for us on our big day. I will always have a special place in my heart for you and your family. I do not know how to feel, or to even come close to knowing how your family feels at this time. All I know is that your faith has given me strength, and I pray that you have a good and smooth journey up to your rightful place in heaven. I also pray that I will see you there.

Proverbs 20:7 says

"The godly walk with intedrity;blesse are theier children after them".

Fromthe bottom of my heart I say thanks and GOd Bless you all in this time.

James, Nerissa Needham and family.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I love u and i know that we had such a special bond.......... U know that i would give up my life for you.... u r the "miracle" that i have been praying for............. Jesse, say hi to all my friends and relatives............ They will know you........... Peaceful is the transition my friend......... Only God loves u more........ Jack