Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Energizer Bunny

He just keeps going and going and we are so thankful! He's still getting progressively weaker but we still have no idea how much time we have. He is on a new drug now that makes him a little sleepy and more relaxed. As breathing gets more difficult, the sensation that comes with it is more distressing. This drug is supposed to help that.

Ethan is enjoying communciating with Papa. He runs up to him and places either hand on his legs. (Raising his right leg means yes and raising his left leg means no.) He'll ask, "Papa, do you love me?" or "Papa, want me to sing again?" Dad raises his right leg and Ethan shrieks with excitement, "He said YES!" Maia still wanders up to Papa, softly rubs his hands and says, "Of-oo!" (which of courses means "Love you!" in toddler). She also wanders around the house saying, "Ssh. Papa." She's learned that he needs quiet in order to rest!

Last week they started a new game where she she would show Papa her tummy and he would touch it with his toes causing her to shriek with excitement. He usually became physically tired of the game before she lost interest! Last night he was sleeping on the lazyboy. She lifted up her shirt and said, "Papa?" She then wandered over to his sleeping body and pressed her tummy against his foot and still shrieked with excitement. I guess it's still a fun game if only one person is playing!

Thank you for your prayers! I will keep you posted.
Thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your updater Stephanie.. Your dad is truly amazing. I will look forward to each day and your updates. I will pray each day for all of you

God Bless

James, Nerissa and family

Ellen said...

Steph and family~ continuing to lift all of you up! The Duggans and I had prayer for you last night...

I just laugh when reading about the precious times Ethan and Mia are getting to have with their Papa, even if they can't verbally communicate! God is so good!
I read one of Sara's posts about how her parents were talking about God. How incredible it would be if they came to saving faith in Jesus as a result of knowing your family!
May you continue to know God's strength, peace, and love of all those around you!

vgordon said...

As sad as parts of your blog are other parts rang true and made me laugh. We even had an energizer bunny cremated with our dad! We told him we were going to have to nail his coffin lid down in so he couldn't sit up during the funeral and say, "I'm hungry, where's breakfast?". Your dad was obviously an amazing man and his loss is great to you, and I found in all of my losses that you can have some humerous moments in this time as well without being self-conscious about it, and even realize that your loved one would also have found the humour and would have been laughing right along with you.
Thank you for posting this blog and for sharing your wonderful dad AND his wonderful family with the rest of us.

Valerie Gordon