Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

The weekend has been busy and full of adventure. On Friday, we had the privilege of recording the song for dad. I'm just listening to the final mix now and it's awesome! (I'm told it's waiting for its debut!)

We've been blessed with help with the kids so Angela can spend some time with dad! And... we have a new addition to the family- Mom and Dad have a new grand-puppy.... Iggy (yes, named after Mike's favorite hockey player, Jarome Iginla).

I saw the smile today that I haven't seen for a while. My Aunt Remy was talking to him and at the end said, "It's okay Jesse- you're still good-looking!" His eyes lit up and his smile spread from ear to ear. I said to him, there's that famous smile that's been missing for a while!

Dad is doing okay. He does seem to get a bit weaker everyday but we don't know where the bottom is so for now, he's still here and we are cherishing the moments! We are so grateful for all the prayer support. It really does work! Thanks again, and I'll continue to keep you posted!


Debbie Shelton said...

Every time I think of your family - often - I lift you all up in prayer. I can't wait to hear your song. I know it is beautiful, not just because of the voices but because of the One they represent.
It's been awhile since I've seen your dad, but I remember his smile that evening. It still inspires me. Love you all!

Debbie Shelton

decidela said...

Thank you so much for your account of these precious days with your dad. My husband Evan and I met Jesse at Oasis (retreat for couples in ministry) in 2007. I had had email communication with your mom, and frankly wondered about her name, because I am also from the Philippines. We were new to the CNBC, and everyone kept telling us we had to meet your dad, I think also because of the Philippine connection. I feel now so privileged to have met him then. We found a relatively quiet corner in the hotel, and we spent an entire evening chatting, celebrating together who God is and how He had worked in each of our lives. What really struck me about him then was that he had such an openness and hospitality of heart - it's how I imagine Jesus would have been like when He walked among us, and how I hope to be more consistently.