Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Treasures in Heaven

We've had our share of lighthearted moments in the midst of the heaviness of the last few days. Praise God for the joy that He brings! If you read the post "More Precious Moments" you may have caught a glimpse of my dad's practical nature. And guess what one of his last instructions to my mom was regarding the funeral? "Don't spend a lot of money!"

We went to the McInnis & Holloway on Tuesday to explore different funeral packages. The coffin included in the memorial society package, was, in the words of the funeral director, "the one we use for clients on welfare or with social services." We all laughed and said, well, that's probably what he would have wanted. It also just by chance happened to look like a giant metal tool box- a simple wood box covered in gray fabric with metal handles. Christina commented that we could just slap a giant 'CRAFTSMAN' sticker on the side of it and it would look the part. We thought it would suit his mechanic, frugle self, but we decided to upgrade him a small step anyway!

Today we went to the cemetery to make burial arrangements. When we went to leave, Mom said, "Too bad Dad's not with us. He probably could have gotten us a better deal!" We all burst again because bargaining was TOTALLY his thing. You might be thinking, who on earth would bargain at a cemetery or any other retail establishment for that matter? Dad would. It must have started in his market days in the Philippines but he brought it with him when he immigrated. I've seen him bargain at garage sales and with sellers from the Bargain Finder but the most memorable moment was when I was 13 years old. I watched him haggle with the poor Canadian Tire sales boy over the price of my new mountain bike. I was dismayed when we walked out with a $30 discount. Who bargains at Canadian Tire? I just LOVE it!

Earlier today we were collecting some memorabilia to display at the funeral to make it a little more "dad." I commented to mom that though it was sentimental value to us, none of it would seem valuable by the world's standards. Then she said we should put a sign up at the front of the church that says, 'His treasures are in heaven!'

I was reminded of Matthew 6:19-21 which says, "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." If you think about it, he did have it right. You can dress up all you want, but you can't take anything with you. I hope and pray that I will learn how to live with that same heavenly focus!

We are so thankful for the baskets, flowers, meals and edible arrangments that have been coming our way!! People have been so caring and wanting to know how we're doing. Here's my attempt to answer that... We're sad. He's gone. We just flat out wish he was here often. We're thankful. His battle with ALS is over and he is healed in his new body with his Savior. We're busy. Funeral planning is consuming which distracts from the grief for now. We're happy. He continues to make us laugh with his stories and memories. We're also trusting. God has promised to supply our every need and be our source and comfort. I must choose to keep believing that for the tough road that is ahead!


Kathy Anderson Seidler said...

Thank you for continuing to post these wonderful stories about your dad. I've enjoyed reading them and reading how you all are doing. I pray you will continue to celebrate your dad's life. I know he's enjoying his eternal life right now! Many blessings to you and your mom & sisters and family. You remain in my prayers.

Kathy Seidler

Edie Galbraith said...

The last time I saw your dad was in the mountains hiking with a group of friends. He was always happy in the Lord. He will be missed by many. My sympathies to your entire family.

Edie Galbraith