Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Precious Moments

When? It seems to be the million dollar question around here. Time is a mystery. We keep asking dad, each other, nurses and health care workers, how much time do we have? But only God knows when my dad will transition from this life to the next. He has continued to ask us to pray that it would be peaceful and without a struggle. In the meantime, Psalm 27:14 calms my anxious heart: "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."

In the meantime we've been on a rollercoaster. Sometimes we weep, sometimes we laugh, sing and talk. And sometimes we just bawl. Dad keeps passing onto us his words of wisdom. One thing that I will surely remember always is, "Don't let this disease discourage your faith in Christ." What words from a man who has suffered so much. The majority of his words have focused on pointing us to God with only a few exceptions. He threw a few practical ones in the mix as well that we couldn't help but chuckle at. "Tell Mike and Frankie to learn how to fix cars," and "If I die in the lazyboy chair, please still use it." Such a godly, practical man. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Our family has been extremely blessed by dad's caregivers. Last night, he thanked Sonia for all her help with him. Through tears she said, "No, thank-you. Because of you I have this new life." You never know how God is going to work. In December, God prompted Dad to share the gospel with Sonia and she accepted Christ into her heart. In February, Sonia shared the gospel with the newest caregiver Nella and she accepted Christ on her second day. When visiting Portugal last month, Nella shared the gospel with her sister who accepted Christ who then shared the gospel with her brother who accepted Christ. There's been a whole lot of God-calling, gospel-sharing and Christ-accepting and I am blessed by seeing how he is at work through these circumstances!


Natalie said...

Steph this is such a wonderful post. I am grateful for the time you spend blogging so we can feel near to you. I laughed hard about the lazy boy chair! Your dad has a great sense of humor. Its so incredible to hear the way God has worked through him in other's lives! We're praying and weeping with you, continue to stand on the Word. Love you sister!

Anonymous said...

Steph ... Thanks for sharing. Know that Jason and I are praying and care so deeply about you two. I want you to know that your perspective, your writing and your faith is nothing but encouraging to others. God is using you (and your family) in mighty ways. Love you friend! - Nadine

Ellen said...

God never ceases to amaze me in how He reaches out to us...and works in ways that we could never He uses such difficult times to bring people to faith in Him! praise be to our Heavenly Father!