Sunday, July 26, 2009

And the 2rd place fundraising award goes to...

Jesse's Girls! We were extremely happy with the $18,700 we raised as of the morning of the race day. It was truly an amazing day. The worship team from The Pathway led a well-attended pre-race service. Cesar preached a message of hope for the race of life. Many were challenged and a few more accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour! LTNS Accounting and Entrix Sports sponsored 100 of our t-shirts from last year. Between the returnees from last year and the new ones, we still ran out!

Over 140 friends and family joined our team. Five of my dad's family members came out from the west coast to participate in the walk and run. Aunt Beth and Uncle Tony finished the walk first! His brother Lope finished the race in under an hour with no training! Emily's Outwest Basketball team came with their families and one of them even had a bake sale and raised $400 for the team. Many church members from the Bridge and the Pathway were there as well. In addition, there were a few friends of myself and Angela's that came from out of town to participate. Frankie's parents came up from Oregon... I could go on and on with the overwhelming amount of support that we had!

I prayed for a strong June for dad and we got it. It was an eventful month. On June 12th, Emily turned 14 and Christina graduated from the Education Faculty at the U of C. Dad made it out to the ceremony despite the extreme fatigue involved with travelling. The most memorable moment of the ceremony was right after the graduating class was being introduced. The master of ceremonies asked the friends and family to stand in honor of the graduates and all of their hard work. Upon hearing this request, Dad managed to squeeze out the word, "up" to mom. She helped him out of his wheelchair onto his feet. Christina's gaze made its way up to where they were sitting and of course, she melted into tears when she saw this extremely special gesture. We celebrated a wonderful Father's Day. Emily got her learners permit and has chauffered dad a few times! His difficulty communicating didn't stop him from giving his input on her driving. He said she failed "his" standard of driving, in love of course! He has enjoyed riding around the neighborhood with Ethan, the bike with training wheels alongside the wheelchair. Cherished moments!

The summer is flying by and it seems like time is an enemy. It occurred to me that we will never be ready for him to go. There is no opportune time. It is such a comfort to know that God has it all under control. My dad is ready to go home and be healed. His eternal place has been prepared for him by his Lord and Saviour. We continue to be thankful for the past, faithful in the present and hopeful for the future.

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Ellen said...

It was a joy to be able to take part in this! So wonderful to see so many come out that day and know everyone was there for Jesse...and the many others affected by ALS in some way.
May you continue to know God's peace at this time!
Love the sweet picture of Jesse and Emily!