Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Joy of the Grandkids

I can't believe I forgot to let you in on one of the main highlights of the last few weeks! One of the hardest parts about the loss of strength in my dad's hands and arms caused by the disease is that he has been unable to hold his grandkids- Ethan (2) and Maia (8 months).

A couple of week ago, my dad went up to visit my sister Angela for a few days. I hadn't talked for him since he'd been back so I decided to call home and chat. To my surprise, he answered the phone sounding more chipper and in better spirits than I'd heard in a long time. A few minutes into the conversation I knew exactly why.
He was so ecstatic to tell me about his visit to Worsley. "Steph... I found a way to hold Maia!" His excitement had already spread to me. "Angela put her in the Jolly Jumper and I sat on the floor and played with her and was able to hold her!" Praise the Lord for whoever invented the Jolly Jumper! Genius.

One of the things we've routinely begun to do as muscle atrophy has taken place is massage my dad's hands and arms to try and stimulate blood flow. Angela was putting Ethan to bed on the last night of his last visit and said to her, "Mama, 'nuggle Papa?" Ang proceeded to find my dad and invite him into Ethan's cozy bed. On the way to lying down, he bumped his head on the headboard. Ethan looked at him with concern filled eyes and said, "Okay Papa?" then proceeded to kiss him on the forehead and say, "All better Papa." If that weren't cute and special enough, once he was laying down, Ethan proceeded to softly run his little hands up and down Papa's arms just as he'd seen his mom doing all week. My dad said, "It was funny... I felt like Ethan was taking care of me!"

What a joy children are!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to leave a quick note telling you guys what a joy it brings to me to read each of these posts. Its such a great idea when we are all spread our and busy with our daily lives, but able to connect here and be filled it. I love you guys loads and pray for you always. Love Nat

Shaulz =) said...

aawwww... that is such a sweet story about Ethan :)

Sarun Chachan said...

Amazing blog..
Got to learn many things..:-)