Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gearing up for Betty's Run 2009


Betty's Run for ALS was started in 1996 by Betty Norman, an ALS patient. It has grown tremendouly in participants and funds raised in the last 13 years. We had the privilege of participating last year. When dad was diagnosed, there was a little over a month until the race. A week into the diagnosis, I was beginning to feel helpless and like, "isn't there something we can do for now?" There was indeed.

Last year in only 1 month, more than 60 people banded together for our team, raised over $13,000 and participated in the walk or run. Just a friendly reminder, I do recall a few individuals planning on performing better than their 40 year old uncles, no names (Dan Cay) and some people vowing to actually finish the race this year (Uncle Greg...)

This year with more time and a greater sense of urgency, we are hoping to raise $20,000! All of the funds raised go to the ALS Society. I had no idea the capacity of assistance the society would be providing for my dad. Allow me to give you a little glimpse...

When fine motor skills became more difficult they provided large handled cutlery, foam covers for pens and a button hook gadget. As communication became increasingly difficult, they provided a letter-board, a speech language pathologist and high-tech computers that verbalize typed words. As mobility became a greater concern, the society provided an automatic stair-lift, walkers, wheelchairs, a wheelchair lift for the garage and rails in the bathrooms. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is, without the assistance provided by the society, this already devastating disease would create even more difficulty for everyday living. This assistance has helped him to maintain independence for as long as possible and in whatever form possible.

Despite many physical changes, he still has the same twinkle in his eye, sense of humour, mischievous smile and strong faith. Last year, our motto was, " he can win one more for Jesus." Anyone who knows my dad knows that he has a fireproof passion for the Lord. He recently said, "this disease cannot take away what is most important to me- my relationship with God and my family." Many people come to visit and encourage him and leave feeling encouraged. What I most look forward to now when I visit home is sitting with dad at the kitchen table and soaking up his wisdom like a sponge and sharing with him what God is doing in my life. It's a mutually joyful experience!

His two consistent weekly outings are Emily's basketball games and church Sunday mornings. In the last nine months, he has lead 4 more people into a relationship with our Saviour! His walk with God continues to grow and inspire me and many others!

We would appreciate any fellow walkers or runners to come alongside us and any donations to help get us to our very large goal! We want to have everyone back who participated last year and many many more!

Maybe this year we'll have a sea of blue?

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Chantelle said...

I have no doubt you will reach your goal! I am glad you are blogging again. I had stopped checking for a while, but I will keep checking in!