Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Downer Day

Last weekend we had the wonderful privilege of visiting home again. My dad has his first boys night out with Mike and watched the pride of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao defeat Oscar Dela Hoya in boxing. He was having the time of his life!

Not two hours later, I was helping him get ready for bed when I saw a new side of him. His eyes watered as he started to softly weep. "I just feel like I'm a burden to everyone." I choked back tears. My dad- my hero, a man made of steel with the softest heart was feeling absolutely helpless. He has devoted his whole life to service, whether it be fixing cars, sharing the gospel, doing the dishes or fixing things around the house. The man never stood still and now, it's all he can do.

I assured him that is was an honor for us to finally be able to serve him. It dawned on me that without all the acts of service he is used to performing, he may be tempted to feel like he has very little to offer the world now. Little does he know that though someone else can fix my car, share the gospel and do the dishes, no one else in the world who can be my dad. That by itself it enough.

On a lighter note (and with all that said) he shared the love of Jesus to his new caregiver last week! I just shook my head, smiled and said, "nothing can stop you, huh?" She requested to care for him 5 days a week because she was "so blessed by caring for him." This was a huge blessing as they were having a tough time finding someone who was a good fit and it enabled my mom to take a break!

There have been a lot of physical changes in the last month. He needs assistance with every day tasks and moves around quite slowly. Though two weeks ago, he said to Mike, "I want to run!" and clumsily proceeded to attempt to sprint to the door with his assistance. We all had a good laugh. We are trying to plan an "original" Morales family vacation sometime in the next month with dad and all his girls. There is a lot of family is coming up for Christmas. It's going to a be a great busy time! Will keep you posted!

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Neal said...

I can't say enough how blessed I am that you made this blog and update it. Especially in times like this when I find myself on the other side of the world, I am so grateful to be updated on what's happening back home. I love the stories, picturing Jesse running just makes me smile! Love you guys lots and we'll see you very soon!
xo Nat